The McCombs Family

Red grew up during the Great Depression, with a loving family and a passion to pursue business.  His father was a Ford mechanic in Spur, Texas, but Red never would've guessed the automotive industry would be his life-long passion.  After stints in the military and in school, Red was set on heading to work on an oil rig when he got an offer to sell cars and make some spare cash.  Within a week, he sold more cars than all the other salesmen combined.  He left behind his other career opportunities to pursue the automotive business. 

Within three years, he'd have his own car lot, and soon thereafter would move his young family to San Antonio, which has been the home of the McCombs Family ever since.  Red continued to grow his automotive retail business while expanding into other industries like energy, real estate, ranching, media, and, of course, professional sports.  Over his life, Red has owned the San Antonio Spurs, the Denver Nuggets, and the Minnesota Vikings.  Throughout all those adventures, though, the McCombs Family had one constant: the automotive business.

Today, Red McCombs Automotive is a multi-generational family business, with three generations actively working.  Red's daughter, Marsha McCombs Shields, has taken on leading the dealerships, guiding our stores to nationally-recognized awards for sales and service satisfaction.  Learn more about what we do!