5 Benefits of Investing in Airless Tires

April 25th, 2023 by

There have been plenty of rumblings about what’s coming soon for cars; airless tires are just one example. The global tire market reached a whopping $122 billion as of 2021, and it’s only expected to grow.

If you’re looking for new developments in auto industry news, puncture-proof tires are an excellent example.

Read on for a list of five benefits of investing in airless tires to help you decide whether they’re right for you and your car.

1. No Flat Tire, No Worries

If you’re thinking of upgrading your tires, these are a good option once they’re ready for consumers to purchase. Since they don’t require air to keep them “inflated,” you’ll no longer need to worry about an unexpected flat.

Airless tires provide peace of mind knowing you won’t get stranded due to a flat tire. Not only will this keep the worry of a breakdown low, but it also prevents you from having to replace it with a temporary “donut” until the tire is replaced.

2. Airless Tires Mean Less Maintenance

One of the biggest pieces of auto industry news for airless tires is the reduction of maintenance and downtime. You’ll no longer need to head to the gas station to fill your tire with air and worry about PSI levels.

This is especially beneficial to fleet managers who deal with multiple vehicles at once. Not only do these new tires reduce the need for upkeep, but they also reduce fleet downtime, too. It also reduces the cost to replace traditional rubber tires.

3. Better for the Environment

You’ve heard plenty of automotive news about electric vehicles, but airless tires are also eco-friendly. Countless tons of scrapped rubber tires end up in landfills every year.

With these types of tires, there will be fewer punctured rubber tires sitting around in garbage dumps all over the world. Not only that, but this design uses a much more sustainable process in terms of manufacturing and materials as well.

4. Better Traction

These quality tires are actually heavier than radial tires and they have a much more evenly distributed tread surface. This results in better traction when turning and when you’re driving at low speeds.

Not only do airless tires work on standard vehicles, but they’re also great for forklifts and other industrial vehicles as well as ATVs. You’ll immediately notice an improvement in your vehicle’s performance overall with these tires on.

5. Great Fuel Efficiency

Airless tires are stiffer than rubber, so they tend to maintain their shape for longer. One of the main factors in the reduction of fuel efficiency is tire deformation.

With these puncture-proof tires, your vehicle should have the same or even better fuel efficiency than it would with traditional tires. This will save you money on fuel as well as the cost of worrying about replacing worn-out rubber tires.



Exciting Automotive News

While airless tires aren’t quite ready for the public yet, you can already see the benefits. If you’re looking for a reliable, cost-saving tire, then these quality tires could be the perfect solution.

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