Can You Trust Used Cars? Choosing Trusted Used Vehicles

May 22nd, 2023 by

American drivers are holding onto their cars, trucks, and SUVs longer than ever, with the average amount of time hitting a record of 12.5 years.

The primary cause of this is the global automotive chip shortage. Due to lockdowns during the coronavirus pandemic, facilities manufacturing chips had to shut down. And that shortage has driven up the cost of new and used cars.

While you can still get a good deal if you buy a used vehicle over a new one, can you get a reliable used car?

Read this used car guide to learn why you can trust used vehicles.

Why You Can Trust Used Vehicles

A new car loses up to 11% of its worth the moment it’s driven off the lot. It’ll lose around 20% of its value after one year, and a new car will depreciate between 15% and 25% annually until it’s five years old.

So, buying a new car means shouldering high depreciation. Considering that new cars cost more, you might balk at sinking a lot of money into buying one.

Buying a quality used vehicle from a trusted used car dealership means you can take advantage of a great price. Buying used means using depreciation to your benefit and getting a great car for much less.

You can trust pre-owned vehicles sold by a reputable automotive company.

Consider, as well, that vehicles these days can be more reliable than vehicles from the past. So, you can easily find used cars made to last.

Buying from a trusted used car dealership like Red McCombs Automotive means you can access a wide range of quality used vehicles. You’ll see that used cars can be a good buy in today’s market.

How to Choose Them

Do you want to know the best strategies to find trusted used vehicles? The good news is that it’s not a matter of luck. You can trust pre-owned vehicles on the lots of reputable car dealers with a track record of providing good service.

You won’t have to worry about getting a lemon when you buy a certified pre-owned car from a used car dealer like Red McCombs Automotive.

Our certified pre-owned vehicles undergo rigorous inspections, maintenance, and repairs. So, buying such a vehicle is like getting a reconditioned car that’s practically as good as new. And it’ll be a fraction of the cost of a new one.

If you want to test drive used cars made to last before buying one, visit one of our dealerships. It’s worth the drive to any of our Texas locations.

Used This Used Car Guide to Find Your Used Car

Are you looking for a vehicle? At Red McCombs Automotive, we sell quality new and used cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, and other vehicles.

If you need a car but don’t have the budget for a brand-new vehicle, there’s no need to despair. Our used cars won’t leave you stranded.

After reviewing this used car guide, check out our selection of certified pre-owned vehicles. With our wide selection of used vehicles, you’ll find the perfect car for your needs. Stop by for a test drive.